An Evening of Fine Wine – Sula Vineyards

Phenomenal World was invited to a  Wine Tasting event by Sula Vineyards. I was part of their Kadu launch and this invite was something I could never refuse !! It was a fun evening listening[…]

Wine for a Cause – Kadu by Sula Vineyards

November saw the addition of one more feather in Sula Vineyards  cap with the launch of KĀDU (meaning wild in Kannada and jungle in Tamil or Malayalam), Sula’s first wholly ‘Made in Karnataka’ wine. Partering with the Sanctuary[…]

PhenoMenal Soirees – Globe in a Glass Roadshow by Sula Vineyard

A phenomenal party to remember !! Come on in and discover for yourself

Raisin(g) the Senses – #Janus Brandy by #Sula Vineyard

Was invited for the launch of Janus Brandy @ Movenpick Spa and Resort, New Bel circle, made from 100% Indian grapes combined with the savoir faire of French distillation especially in Alembic copper pot stills.[…]

Premium Spirits by Unibev – Celebrate Moments

Phenomenal World recently sampled premium spirits by Unibev. I tasted two of their whiskey and one of the brandy. How did it go? Lets find out. This post if suited for 18 years and above only