A five star experience – Review of Five Star Chicken #‎BangaloreStarFoodieMeetup‬


I along with a few other food bloggers were invited (again) for the launch of the new menu by Five Star Chicken. For my first post on it click here

About Five Star Chicken first…..

Five Star Chicken is a successful chain in Bangalore.Founded in Thailand in 1985 it comes under the Charoen Pokphand  (CP) Foods Company. They are also among the top 5 companies in the world and also have an aqua business (seafood).

Considering the Asian origin, the lovely Asian flavours can be tasted prominently in their offering. Started in 2012,it has grown quite rapidly having more than 300 stores across south India and parts of Goa.

Apart from chicken, they are open to vegetarians as well with a host of offerings which will delight the plant eaters.  Oh yes the items and things used for veg is completely separated from the NV section so don’t you worry. They also have surprise audits and mystery auditors in all of their franchisees for ensuring the quality and taste of the food served

The place I went is in Indranagar after the KFC signal on the right (if coming from Koramangala). The GPS works with CPF Towers as well

Lets list the items on the menu and I will cover only my favourites among them. This does not mean the taste was not good but more of my preferences among the menu. Some of them were still not opened to the public

I really like the Thai crispy and Crunchy Masala as it caters to the Indian palate. Thai crispy has subtle Thai flavors that make it a good dish but I will take crunchy masala anytime. It packs in the heat (not suitable for toddlers and kids) and is a delight with every bite.


My next favourite dish is the Jalapeno Nuggets. This was sheer poetry as the melted cheese oozed into the mouth with the first bite. With the heat of the jalapeno, it was a winning combination. You have to eat it hot because once that cheese cools its no longer poetry it becomes verse (pun intended)

Their next winning dish is the sausages. Available in two flavors of  Mexican (jalapeno flavor) and Italian (cheese and herb stuffed sausages) . The mexican I was told is doing really well since it provides the spice levels to the local crowd. I personally loved the Italian sausage which was stuffed with cheese and once could see it trying to escape from the sausage. For cheese lovers this will be heaven on earth. Again eating it hot will be preferable…

These sausages are also served as hotdogs for those interested. I was too darn stuffed by then and just had a bite. The fried with peri peri flavor is very nice. One of the few fries I like.

I also had the burgers both hungry bird and the vegetarian version, the chicken herb cheese fingers and its veg counterpart and mini magic cutlet which was good but nothing that stands out in my opinion.  They also have rolls and biryani which has been well accepted in the market.  There is also a fun cutlet available for kids called Dino fries shaped like a dinosaur of course…

I was saving the best for the last. A take on the lava cake and named as chocolate volcano cake, this was pure sin. With the chocolate oozing out with the first cut, it was with sheer delight that I slowly ate this afraid it will get over too soon.  Waiting for this to hit the market soon.

It was a good meetup and I had fun interacting with the hospitality team as well as other food bloggers.


Signing off with my favourite dishes again

  1. Jalapeno nuggets
  2. Crunchy Masala fried chicken (much much better than KFC anytime)
  3. Thai fried chicken
  4. Sausages both Italian and Mexican in that order
  5. Hotdogs with peri peri flavored fries
  6. Chocolate Volcano Cake

My rating

Food 3.5/5 and for sausages and jalapenos 4/5

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