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Koshy’s is one of the oldest hotels in Bangalore. Located on St Marks road, it’s an iconic name and a must try place for its old school feel and charm. A crowd of all variety patronizes this place from thinkers, doers and also people who look, act and dress weird. All have made Koshys their own. You will also find people lost in thought and letting their tea/food grow cold or letting their beer get warm 🙂 It’s one of the best places for people watching !! It’s old enough to taste that history in every bite of their food. Divided into two sections I prefer the one on the left which is more down to earth and old school.. The other section is more for the stiff upper lip

I prefer it for its Kerala style dish as well for its continental offering. My preference is the beef steaks that is served here exactly how you like it. There are other outstanding places for steaks of course but the feel of having a beer and steak in Koshy amidst the buzz is a kick of it’s own. The pepper sauce adequately gives off the heat to tantalize the tastebuds.. They also have chicken steaks which are not bad. Give me a steak and beer anytime and I am a happy man. Another favourite is their malabari prawn curry and appam which is spot on. They have a good choice for both veg and non veg.

My rating
Ambience – 4/5
Food – 3/5
Service – 2/5

Disclaimer – Its been a while (3 yrs) since I last went to Koshy’s and I am not too sure how it is now.

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