A2Z Challenge sneak peek – A bit of everything

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clothes all over
washing dirty linen
a way of life

This is the famous Dhobi Ghat of Mumbai  which has also inspired a movie by the same name. Though we did not enter it, it did give a strange sense of feeling when we saw it from above… Chaotic as well as a strange order within.


Well that’s exactly what my theme is going to be for the A2Z April challenge.. No not clothes silly !.Its going to be as chaotic and mish mashed as this Dhobi Ghat in Mumbai, covering a wide range of topics.  🙂

Now hop over to Vidya’s blog to know the wide range of themes by the participants of A2Z. For more memes click here


34 thoughts on “A2Z Challenge sneak peek – A bit of everything

  1. I love this shot! Truly depicts as you said certain calm in the chaos! Waiting to read your posts! I’m sure they’ll be a treat to our eyes!

  2. I’m all excited to look through the glass, Pheno 😀 😀 Waiting for the wonderful slices of life that’re going to reach me throo da looking glass 😀 😀 😀

  3. Sounds great fun 🙂 Looking forward to seeing what ou come up with. Your Mumbai picture reminds me of an Impressionist painting of allotments which was the view from the artist’s room. Mundane, but with order among the chaos!
    Blogging from Alpha to Zulu in April

  4. Chaos and mishmash: good choice, gives you a lot of flexibility!

    My theme, ‘26 Positive Takes on Life’ will generally focus on positive, truly heart-warming, real-life incidents involving ordinary persons whom we can all emulate.

  5. Oh I visited the Dhobi Ghat just a few weeks ago on a trip to Mumbai! It’s fascinating, I went walking around it, made for great photos….

    Just hopped over from the A to Z challenge, good luck with that, it’s going to be a fun month. I don’t have a theme either but I like using the Dhobi Ghat as an illustration for a mish mash of posts – great idea!

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