American Breakfast Experience at Here and Now

A group of us foodies decided to meet here as part of our biweekly meeting as part of the 6th Foodies Den meetup. This wasn’t a free invite and the final bill was shared by all of the members. We landed at 9:30

Here and Now Ambience

The place looks good but if two large groups go in together then there is trouble!!… We were 13 members (yeah 13!!) and were given our own nook. They have a games room with foosball and caroms. For those musically inclined there is a bongo and a guitar. The other side is spacious enough but not for a very large group. Our corner and us looked like a marriage party with us sitting comfortably on the floor resting on cushions. The service is good and we had our own dedicated staff taking orders. We were also requested to direct all our orders to this person only.

The floor we sat on had this beautiful texture that really brought the food to life in pictures and the colors just popped up because of it. alright sit back and read our experience and orders.

Remember to close your mouth at the end ๐Ÿ™‚

The fruit juice which choices of guava and watermelon was part of the breakfast menu. The guava was extremely refreshing


From the All Day breakfast we ordered

1. Can’t get any pigger – a porkies paradise with sausage,bacon, ham, sunny side eggs (2), mash, sauteed mushrooms and grilled tomato. Absolutely brilliant

2. Nice to Meat you – A combo of chicken salami, chicken ham and chicken sausage tossed with assorted veggies and topped with two eggs. For the porkies you can opt for everything pork in this. A really nice and savory dish that ticked the palate and yes we did order one more after this

3. Vegetably yours – A lovely spread of soya scramble, baked beans. mash, mushrooms and grilled tomato

4. A heart of Frittata – Lovely just lovely. Smoothly done eggs topped with cheese

5. Spoiled Brat – We ordered both the veg and the non veg versions.. Naturally I drifted for the non veg but the veg was a close contender for absolute deliciousness

From the burgers we ordered

1. How have you bean – This did not work for me as the avocados kind of made it bitter. Maybe the chef wasn’t feeling very veggie at that moment. Came with fries in a cute friar basket

2. Traditionally Veggie – Average

3. Cheesy affair – if you love cheese then this is definitely for you. Ye cheez badi hai mast mast

4. Clint Eastwood – Lovely burger though I am not much fan of chicken

5. Pork o Pine – A lovely combination of pulled pork and pineapple, this was a real treat on the palate and lasted till I had dessert.

6. Speeding ‘Lamb’orghini – As the pun in the name, this is a humongous double lamb cheese burger.

7. The cheeky chicken was a tease on the palate but I had just a bite of it (I am not a major chicken fan, give me red eat anytime, any day) If you love chicken definitely go for it


All of the burgers comes with option of extras except Clint Eastwood


That’s how you eat burgers!!!

We also ordered something called the hash paradox which was omelette without eggs !! ๐Ÿ™‚

Did I mention the ever flowing cups of filter coffee that came (no that’s not free either ๐Ÿ™‚ ) It was brilliant and came in good-looking cups and not too small either.. The cold coffee that came in a small mason jar was average.


We wrapped this up with a Waffle superloaded which was true to its name. With generous amount of whipped cream, choco sauce and banana we did request for more choco chips.

The whole thing came to around Rs.5300 for 13 people, which, considering the food, is a sweeeeeeettttt deal, pun intended of course

As a group were able to order a good variety and taste all of it. If you like pastas and salads go after 12:00 pm. Leaving you with happy faces after all that grub

I would definitely recommend this place and a good competition to hole in the wall.

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