An Evening with Mary Kom – Charoen Pokphand Foods

I was excited to be part of the CP Packaged (Charoen Pokphand) Foods promotions of their frozen products. Well that’s not  completely true, though their products are very good. What got me really jumping was the chance to meet the  Olympian Indian boxer and superwoman Mary Kom who is the brand ambassador for CP Foods with the breakfast  sausage being hers and her family’s favourite !!  With air chilled technology to retain freshness and quality, the Company operates in both the livestock (swine, broilers, layers, and ducks) and aquaculture (shrimp and fish) businesses. Read abput CP FoodsIn India  they started with the ubiquitous 5 Star Chicken.

The general restlessness and excitement was quite palpable as we waited for the celebrity  sportsperson to turn up. It wasn’t an  empty waiting though. The marketing team ensured that we were kept busy munching on their never ending supply of goodies. There was  quite an offering in both the veg and non veg categories. It wasn’t something new as I have already been part  of their earlier promotion. Read about it here and here

It is a good time to reiterate again what I like about these products. With source to market concept, their  poultry farms are state of the start and maintained under strict conditions to avoid chances of avian bird flue affecting their birds. Every step is quality controlled till it hits the market.

I really love their Mexican and Italian sausages which is really flavorful and hits all of the right spots in the palate. I you feel like an amigo you can check out the the mexiacan jalapeno sausage which has a lovely flavor of jalapenos and the right heat and spice to pep you up. The Italian sausage stuffed with cheese is a revelation. With cheese oozing out of every finger bite, this is a must for people who love all things cheesy.

Another favourite of mine is the herbed chicken which is spicy and a lovely accompaniment with drinks.

We also had a live session by their chef on how to make a hot dog. Not a rocket science especially if you have veggies, sausage, hot dog roll and sauce. Its just assembling it together but what a result eh??? Especially with the Mexican jalapeno sausage this was mind blowing. Try it at home and thank me later.

After the never ending rows of these finger foods there was chicken and vegetable biryani on offer as part of the main course. The chicken biryani is good and as I repeat again and again, I am a very picky biryani eater and only the best gets approved. So if I like a biryani it will be easily among the good. The vegetable biryani was average. The dessert was the volcano cake which is CP’s version of the chocolate lava cake.

There was a mad rush when Mary Kom and her family entered the building. With all of the attendees trying to get their mugs shot with her, it was a mad scramble. There was a time Mary Kom looked like she would love nothing better than punch a few faces 🙂 However the ending was generally violence free with most of them getting a selfie and a group photo.

It is an honor to meet such an eminent personality and her composure (except the moment I described above) was maintained admirably in the mad melee. All in all, it gave me a real punch !! Last but not the least an autograph!!


  1. It must have been so wonderful to meet her. It’s good to see sportswomen are also being roped in for brand endorsements.

  2. Whoa! That’s Phenomenal! I’m so J, but happy for you. I haven’t heard of CP foods. Glad to read about it now!

  3. Wow what a great opportunity u grabbed . Meeting Mary Mom over good food.thanks
    For letting us know about CP foods.


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