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Andhra Ahara - Cabbage Vada

Phenomenal World visited Jacaranda in the Welcome Hotel Bengaluru which hosted a Andhra Brahmina food pop up by home chef Sumitra Kalpatapu.  She is already popular though her pop up Sumi’s Kitchen that she opens to food enthusiasts.

The Andhra Brahmin specialties by the wonderchef Sumitra took me back to the days of eating authentic meals from friends’ house when I was in Hyderabad. I have never been a fan of eating Andhra specialities in hotels but how can I resist this spread?.

What we ate at the Andhra Ahara?

Cabbage Vada with a spicy coconut thick chutney – A good start. If it’s Gatti chutney, then all is right

Pulihara (Tamarind Rice) – Some puliharas leave you feeling sour (literally) but this hooks you and makes you go for a second helping. Brilliant flavors. Not overly spiced.

Bendakayi Koora (Okra fry) – Not a huge fan of okra. This was passable.

Chikada Dumpa Pulusu (Sweet Potato gravy) – I generally don’t like the taste of sweet potato but this curry had me going back for more. Tangy with a great balance of sweet and sour.

Vankalya Koora (Brinjal Fry) – Beautifully cooked and spiced

Menthikoora Pappu (Methi Dal) – I love dal of any kind and when its cooked perfectly in the Andhra style, you cant eat just once

Avakayi pickle – Give me this anytime with anything. There was a garlic and non garlic version

Cucumber Chutney – Spicy and went well with the plain rice

Rasam – My mom takes her rasam very seriously. If she liked this then it rates among the best of them. Best part is my kid had it too !

Such was the taste that I did not have eyes for any of the other lavish spread out there and and and I did not even look at the meats !! 🤗

Enjoy the food glimpses

Moi Rating

I did not try the rest of the buffet as mentioned so the rating is exclusively for  the Andhra brahmina aahara


Good conversations with great people leave you feeling satisfied both in the soul and the tummy ! Thank you for a great time !

Andhra Ahara - With the Super Chef
With the super chef


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