The Architect

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On a spin

Came across this one on a trek in a coffee estate in Chikamagalur belonging to Guddadamane….

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  1. Nice web! Visiting a little late from Camera Critters.

    Green Bug

  2. Nancy says:

    This is amazing — great detail. Thank you for sharing at Your Sunday Best this week.

  3. md says:

    The architecture is splendid.. with sparkling water beads on display! However, didn’t like the architect :-(( … He looks too big to be ‘cute’!

  4. Deborah says:

    absolutely fabulous capture!

  5. Ah the Wood Spider – a great architect indeed. Nice shot.

  6. Joy says:

    Fascinating creatures and a wonderful web photo.

  7. Mildred says:

    Great shot of the beautiful spider on its web!
    Thanks for sharing;o)

    Hope you are having a nice week****

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