Atlantis by David Gibbins – Book Review



This book is one among the myriad of books on Atlantis, The Lost City and I have come across so many movies and books with this title that I assumed this book is the same…Same wine new bottle…But then I was proved wrong to an extent….

There is no plot in this book that I can hide or that which is new. Its about this group of researchers and paleontologists who uncover a clue pointing towards the existence of Atlantis. But the means to finding out is what sets this book apart. The fact and fiction has been brilliantly interwoven to create an interesting story. Some of these facts can be verified. After I finished the book I actually googled some of the points and found them to be true. The book goes astray when suddenly a lot of Russians and nuclear weapons get involved. It seems to compare itself to The Da Vinci’s Code but the author in his quest to create a thriller seems to have lost his own quest towards Atlantis. Personally I found the book quite readable and good to pass my boredom!!!

Happy Reading Folks and do let me know how it was…

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  1. Atlantis has always piqued my imagination.. after watching several movies based on it, finally learning about a book is a delight…


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