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My better half’s (Meena) uncle, Mr M Ramakrishnan was felicitated by the Sahitya Academy (Kerala Govt) for contributions to  the field of Drama.  He resides in Hyderabad and has been extremely active in this field not only in promoting but also as an artist. So we have Awesome, Awards, Achievement, Artis……..Lots of A’s eh !!

Written for the A to Z 2014 Challenge as A for Awesome Award. Also part of Aprill UBC. Also linked to ABC Wednesday with L for LIKE 😀  For more memes click here

31 thoughts on “Awesome Award

  1. Awesome is an understatement. I Admire people who Ardently pursue their passions ! Welcome aboard Pheno 🙂

  2. Excellent! This is the first photo-blog I’ve visited during the A to Z Challenge, and I’m really looking forward to seeing more. Cheers! 🙂

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