Microwave two mins recipe……..Baked egg in a bread cone topped with salami and cheese

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A quick 2 mins (1.5 actually) breakie recipe involving eggs, bread and salami which can be made in a jiffy in the microwave !!.


What you need

Microwave safe Coffee Mug

Eggs……..I used one but u can use two or more depending on the size of the coffee mug

dried herbs

cheese (optional)


salami chopped up

Lets do this………………………………….

  1. Use the coffee mug to cut a bread slice into a circle disc
  2. Layer the coffee cup base  and side with a few drops of oil.I used extra virgin olive oil
  3. Mix all of the ingredients and a  little of the salami in the coffee mug and beat it well so its all mixed nicely. Adjust salt accordingly to the amount of salami as it already might have some salt content.
  4. Put the circle on the egg mixture and top it with salami. Add grated parmesan or mozarella if u like is gooey.
  5. Cook in microwave in high for 1.5 mins and you’ll find the whole thing has risen from the cup and only the bread sides pushed up to form a mold for the salami.
  6. Season with a little more of the dried herbs
  7. You can either eat it right from the cup or use a knife to release the edges and put it on a plate for the feel of the bread cone.  Brilliant and quick isn’t it?


4 thoughts on “Microwave two mins recipe……..Baked egg in a bread cone topped with salami and cheese

  1. That truly looks delicious !
    I will pass your recipe on to my husband so maybe someday he will surprise me with this 😉

    have a nice weekend

    ♫ Melody ♫ (abc-w-team)

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