Barrels of Wine

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aging slowly
it sits in the dark
awaiting that kiss

During our road trip to Maharashtra when we were passing through Nasik I noticed a wayside sign for Vinsura Factory Outlet. Since wine constitutes one of those things I love, I could not let this opportunity slip me by and immediately turned towards the outlet with my better half and mom in tow. Β We got some really good wines at extremely and wickedly cheap prices and you can imagine the smile on my face when we walked out πŸ˜‰

Dont miss the opportunity for buying wine from the source or going for a wine tasting both in Maharashtra and Karnataka.

Written for the A to Z 2014 Challenge as B for Barrels of Wine Also part ofΒ Aprill UBC. For more memes clickΒ here


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37 thoughts on “Barrels of Wine

  1. Wine!!!!! and especially barrels of wine!!! Excellent topic for B πŸ˜› and wines from Maharastra – ultimate!!!! Should try karnataka soon!

  2. Nasik remains on our to-visit list. They have a wonderful wine festival in feb each year.. I’ve seen pictures and it seems like such a fun time. Thanks for that reminder.

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