Āpanākē sbāgatama – Bengal Food Festival at Marriotts Whitefield

Phenomenal Word was part of the Essence of Bengali Food festival at Marriotts, Whitefield. The place is fully decorated to make a bong really really happy. With beautiful ladies in traditional attire and a live fish market to boot, this was a “Bengal”uru indeed !!

With the best of veggies, seafood, street food and snacks, I felt right at home considering my origin started in that sweet land….

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I had everything there was on offer right from there fish paturi (a traditional bengali fish preparation),rohu,hilsa(types of fishes used in the preparation).

The beetroot chop and the mutton would have been nice with some potent kasundi (bengali mustard)but sadly they did not have it. The mutton chop deviated from the usual bengali chops by using besan flour. The original one is made with a biscuit crumb which gives it a crispy outer and a soft juicy center

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The hilsa fry and rohu curry was a lovely combination to have with the luchi. My favourite among the seafood and easily the show stopper was the daab chingri (prawns served in a tender coconut shell) .The balance of flavors just perfect.

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Kosho Maangsho was perfectly cooked and a delight to have. My preference is mutton in meat and I am always pleased when served a good mutton dish.


The biryani was typically Kolkata style,less on the spice and well cooked mutton pieces. I somehow like this version over the spicy version.

The vegetarians also would be delighted with the range of offerings from potol bhaja to alu posto.

Last but not the least,the sweets. The paati shapta was an experiment and a tangent to the normal use of jaggery. This version used sheera ( a sweet karnataka dish)as stuffing. It was interesting but I prefer the original any day.What they really missed was some notun gud sandesh. The ubiquitous rosogollas was just good as it gets.  The misti doi wasn’t upto par and that is my favourite sweet 🙁

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The festival is on till 22nd October so get going and enjoy the delicacies. Available for lunch from 12:30 – 14:30 for Rs.1050 + tax  and dinner from 19:00  – 22:30 for Rs. 1550 + tax

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