Bokeh – Day 314

Daylight Bokeh

Tried a bokeh with this weed on focus… By the way this weed is supposed to kill everything around it by generating high amount of heat and sapping their moisture..  Hmm interesting but other plants & trees beware.  Still trying to find its scientific name.. It has an interesting local name though… Indra Gandhi Chibbad !!! I first came across this in Dandeli…

The name “Indra Gandhi Chibbad” comes from the story that apparently Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on her visit to Dandeli spread out the seeds of this plant and in no time this grew wild n abound making itself at home in the Dandeli forest! Here’s comes the interesting part about the reason for her to spread this weed.  Her thought that since its a weed, it would create employment opportunities for locals… hmm….Tall tales maybe??
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