Day 136 – Bullseye

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Is "B"ullseye what you really want?

Dont focus on ur target so much that you ignore the beauty around you.

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Published by Pheno Menon

I came I saw and I had fun

23 Comments to “Day 136 – Bullseye”

  1. Denise says:

    Got it in one! Great quote.
    ABC Team

  2. Roger Green says:

    Yes, one CAN miss the point.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. Jane says:

    Good point!
    Jane x

  4. Leslie says:

    Good food for thought! Have a wonderful week,

    abcw team

  5. Karen says:

    Great advice!

  6. Kathy says:

    Nice photo to illustrate the thought.

    1. Pheno Menon says:

      Glad you like Kathy. Keep visiting this nook

  7. aka Penelope says:

    The wise words are right on target with the letter B as well as with how to best enjoy life. 🙂

  8. md says:

    Exactly!!…………….Liked both the photo and the message!

  9. Gigi Ann says:

    Bullseye nice choice today. I haven’t played since my children were young.

  10. Mama Zen says:

    Excellent advice!

  11. Kim,USA says:

    Love your quote! Thanks for sharing this one it makes sense of what I am thinking right now ^_^


  12. Al says:

    Nicely done. In photography, it’s often the stuff that isn’t the bullseye that makes the photo.

    1. Pheno Menon says:

      Very true.. Its often the ones the eye doesn’t catch that adds charm to a photograph. Thnx for visiting my nook

  13. ChrisJ says:

    That’s a great photograph! I like the fuzzy edges — makes it unique. Have you ever thought how much we miss traveling by car? There are photos all around our city but you can’t get to them because of the traffic!

    1. Pheno Menon says:

      I agree with you completely. There are so many sights in a city which can be photographed and yet we are confined to cars !! Thnx for visiting my nook

  14. Thanks for stopping by 🙂 My triangle ist functional for massage. LG Tina

  15. Good one! Straight to the point. 😉

  16. jabblog uk says:

    Great photo! I have never got a bull’s eye;-)

  17. VioletSky says:

    Now, this is a sharp photo!

  18. Jo Bryant says:

    Great photo and quote

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