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American Breakfast Experience at Here and Now

A group of us foodies decided to meet here as part of our biweekly meeting as part of the 6th Foodies Den meetup. This wasn’t a free invite and the final bill was shared by all of the members. We landed at 9:30 Here and Now Ambience The place looks good but if two large…

Fragile Lives – Existence for Bliss

#BarAThon Many things come into our lives and changes the way we look at things. It can leave us more knowledgeable, happy, shattered or many other experiences I will not get into. I don’t have a habit of being too preachy or philosophical either so lets cut to the bone lest you mistake me (or…

Fun, Food and Sports – Gadang Sports Bar

#invite CLICK ON IMAGE FOR FULL RESOLUTION   There is a new screen in town, its’ awesome and it’s at the Gadang Sports bar in Park Plaza. With the Copa in full flow, Eurocup seems to have taken a backseat. This place offers the chance to see the Eurocup ┬áin big screen glory. The ambiance…

A Seafood Fiesta – Mangalore Pearl

We chose Mangalore Pearl to celebrate my mom’s bday and boy was she floored. The place is very inviting and I especially like the paintings on the walls depicting the lifestyle along the coast. The person who took our order was very knowledgeable about the menu. Starters We started with Solkadi, a kokum flavored buttermilk…

Prost in the @Big_Pitcher – Review of Big Pitcher #FBAB

Here I am again with another review of another grand place. A meetup of food bloggers was organized by #FBAB (Food Bloggers Association of Bangalore) Chef BB in the Big Pitcher. Located on Old Airport road just before the Leela Palace it can also be found in the GPS.


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