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Story Telling Sessions

enriching lives stories make us human Kathaprasangam (Malayalam) or Story telling sessions in many of the temples is Kerala is an interesting affair.   There are different versions of it and the one I saw was on mythological stories narrated by this exponent with lots of expressions and voice modulations. His was a one act…

Kaleidoscope of the dark

  don’t be afraid of the dark beauty exists there too  Taken during a rehearsal, I loved the way the silhouettes showed against the light. It was my moment of satori. I have always loved the dark and feel the word has been wrongly portrayed as evil. Linked to  ABC Wednesday(K) and part of #MondayMusings

Hello There – Greetings from the stick people

does your nose still remember the scent of childhood? No these are not the scary legend of the stick people. They are harmless and quite a lot of fun to be with actually. Yeah the people on stilts :).  Dont let their cumbersome walk fool you, they can run quite fast as demonstrated when we played…


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