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The Neopolitan Magic by Chef Nicola Coasta

#magicofItaly #phenomenalworld #phenomenaltastes #chefNicola #italian Italian cuisine especially from the Neapolitan region is all about using the freshest ingredients and making the best use of their natural flavors.  Skilful use of cheese and cream enhances the flavors to an unbelievable level altogether. Experience this magic of Neopolitan cuisine by the international Chef Nicola Coasta from…

Food Drama – Broadway The Gourmet Theatre

#invite # #phenomenalworld #phenomenaltastes **VIEW  Images in Full Resolution** Was invited by Chef Tanvi to savor the delicacies in the Broadway – The Gourmet Theatre and how could I refuse? The place is spacious and airy with a sit-out as well as a roof top arrangement.   You will probably miss the teppanyaki fun if…

The High Life – 20 Ft high

A nice place on the rooftop to have lunch with your special one. It gives a good ambiance as well as the privacy in a public sort of way 🙂 I go there usually for their excellent steaks but they have some good tricks up their sleeves in starters as well The buffalo wings, mozarella…

Call of the Italiano – 100 Ft Boutique Bar

Some lovely place to chill out with your special one and one place that’s close to my heart as they had stocked Guinness beer 🙂 They have a lovely collection of wine too The place is classy with a posh ambiance that makes you feel really special and adds that required touch to intimate dinners….


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