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awaiting the future the present slips away perfume of fresh roses, forgotten You must have guessed my question by now.. Why is it that people spend their lives thinking about a dark future and forget to enjoy the present? My guess (and confirmation from seeing live examples) is that they have forgotten how to..unfortunately. Yeah…

Life in a drop of water

a simple drop can start life; also end it This is a picture of a drop of water from a tap taken with an extension tube EXIF –  1/50 seconds,  Flash Fired…… ISO – 1600 Linked to ABC Wednesday (L)      

Unique Nature

Came across this unique beetle in my kitchen sink. Green and mean has a new meaning now doesn’t it? No bugs were harmed during this session. Update – I think this is the Green June Beetle from what I could find in the public domain Linked to ABC Wedneday and other wordless memes. For more…

Light from a Lamp

in darkness a flicker seen hope fills the  heart A lit lamp flickering in the wind has always attracted me though I am not a very religious person and my better half has to force me to accompany her to temples or even to light up the lamp at home sometimes. Maybe it’s the vision…

Jalapenos- A twist in the taste

burst of flavor on my tongue it lingers on Yeah yeah from my previous posts you must have realized I am a foodie and also like to try my hands on experimenting from time to time.  Now I like it hot and spicy and Jalapenos are my favorite anytime. I have tried searching for fresh…


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