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What a squirrel taught me

 forever hopeful looking at life with gleaming eyes  Life is such a wonderful experience and so short. How and why is it that we, the most intelligent species on this planet (what we believe of course) lose that  gleam in the eye  that was filled with endless adventures and mysteries to be experienced and just…

Designs from the Mind

swirling thoughts designs from the mind inspired by nature This was created using a wisp of smoke from an incense stick and put through a rigorous process in Photoshop.If you like it let me know by liking or commenting 🙂 For more memes click here    

Darkness and Light

sparkling lights cheering the senses hope in the darkness 1/100,f/1.8 Canon 600d 50mm lens ISO 100 Folks my blog has been selected among the best of India blogs at blog add and needs your votes. Can you go and vote for me in this link pretty please?  😀 For more memes click  here.  It…


darkness arrives retiring sun bids a warm farewell I am back after a good long vacation. I had taken a road trip from Bangalore to Mumbai and covered Shirdi, Ajantha, Ellora and Kolhapur. My post for a few days will be a bit of what I saw during my time away from virtual to enjoy…

Temple of Belur

skillful presentations unspoken stories teachers of the past This is the Chennakesava temple of Belur in Karnataka. Exif –  1/500, F/3.5, ISO – 100 Part of ABC Wednesday(T).For more memes click here


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