Phenomenal Drinks because life is a heady adventure

Hog of the Porkies-Siam Trading Company

Phenomenal World meets other pork lovers from the Bangalore Pork Lovers Club at Siam Trading Company for an elaborate 4 course lunch centered around pork. Read the experience !

American Food Festival at Aloft Nook – Phenomenal World

Phenomenal World was invited for the American Food Festival at Nook at Aloft Cessna Business park . Get the best of Yankee food in namma uru.. Pravin Menon

Beer Stories- Lovely Beer and fine food at Effingut

I love beer and if it’s craft, I like it more. Right from the fun drinking ranges of lager, heiweweizens and saisons to intense and hoppy pale ales. Phenomenal World was recently at the Effingut in Baner, Pune. Here is the experience. Ambience A nice comfy atmosphere with good live music (a single guy sang…


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