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Day 8 – The Heavenly Tripod

We went for a walk along with other facebook/photo enthusiasts to Cubbon Park, Bangalore. Had a good time interacting with them as well as taking some good snaps of the blooms. I really liked the way the rays were placed in this snap. Also linked odd shots, Moody Monday

Day 7 – Day of Artemis

Taken from my Window on the day of the SuperMoon. By the way Artemis according to mythology is the moon goddess. ¬†This is also linked to Shadow Shot Sunday and Straight out of the camera memes. Apart from the jagged edges no other changes have been done to the snap and is as taken from…

Day 6 – The posing grasshopper

The Posing Grasshopper I came across this grasshopper in Gurvayur, Kerala perched on my car. The people of Kerala may be simple but the grasshopper sure was not!! It gave me a really striking pose!!


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