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Food and Fun beckons – ITC Food bloggers meet #QualityITCFoods

Was invited to the food bloggers meet on 10 Dec organized by the ITC packaged foods group. We were greeted with rows and rows of food food food. It was a glorious sight indeed. After all the stuffing the session started It was a good interaction with the ITC team explaining the premise behind their…

Microwave two mins recipe……..Baked egg in a bread cone topped with salami and cheese

A quick 2 mins (1.5 actually) breakie recipe involving eggs, bread and salami which can be made in a jiffy in the microwave !!.

Making Chocolate cream biscuits at home

Ever found yourself in a position where you have this craving for chocolate cream biscuits and you find yourself with an empty packet. Well if you still have dark chocolate slabs, marie biscuits and some ideas then it becomes easy to meet that craving….. Put a piece of chocolate between two biscuits. Microwave or 2…


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