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Life’s Dreary Moments

I finally got my hoard of poems I used to write in school and which I thought was lost……. 😀 don’t you think of those days when the things you expect doesn’t go your way when hope plummets and never seems to rise again the blackest moments when your heart is heavy when you look…

Moods and Indiblogger

Everytime I feel chilly I end updoing something silly my brain just stops and my emotion pops I try my hand at a poem and get kicked off from home just when I think what a bother I come and see whats up in Indiblogger 🙂

My Best Friend

Thank you god for all you have done For giving me a friend, the best under the sun He guides me in whatever I do Always with me filling my life with hue He makes me laugh and makes me cry With him around life is never dry Sometimes he is someone who I really…

Lady in my life

Lady in my life (one of them of course) I have a lady in my life Who can be blunt as a rock or sharp as a knife She keeps pushing me to get better Sometimes making me run helter skelter Her love is unconditional Which makes her extremely emotional She has been a pillar…


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