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Waves – Salty Manna

splash of salty manna striking with force washing away the tears I love how the waves make a splash every time it meets the rocks. The best place to be is to be on the receiving end of that spray   …. Linked to ABC Wednesday (W). For more memes click here

Trinity Sculpture of Elephanta Caves

 always watching they smile at mans’ antics Taken at Elephanta Caves a ferry ride away from The Gateway of India, Mumbai, the age of this sculpture and its origin is yet to be found according to the guides we met at the caves. This photo represents the Holy Trinity of Hinduism – Brahma (Creator) ,…

What a squirrel taught me

 forever hopeful looking at life with gleaming eyes  Life is such a wonderful experience and so short. How and why is it that we, the most intelligent species on this planet (what we believe of course) lose that  gleam in the eye  that was filled with endless adventures and mysteries to be experienced and just…


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