Delicious chaats at Sagar Chat center - Great hangouts and Good Food
Chat with Chaats – Review of Sagar

Chat with Chaats – Review of Sagar

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Was part of another event and found myself waiting for it to start. Thanks to Poojitha and Hari tagged in the post, I found myself in their company heading to Sagar. I am a total stranger to these parts. The variety of the dishes available in this tiny place blew me. From masala puris to pani puris to even fafda and jalebi, this is a one stop shop for foodies. We had pani puri which came in this huge plate and was a make yourself and go crazy kind of thingy.. We had masala puri which definitely was one of a kind from the others I had eaten.



I obviously saved the best for the last which is their mango shake. From a multipurpose storage freezer a ladle of the luscious looking shake is poured and then chunks of beautifully succulent looking juicy mango pieces are put and finally a serving of cream… Naturally I would take snaps of this more than the rest of all put together. Visit it to believe it since it tastes like a fairy tale…Sigh!! this was foodgasm at its best…period

IMG_20160527_185501 IMG_20160527_185507 IMG_20160527_185525

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