Climbing an Elephant


This gal is a temple elephant named Lakshmi in the Virupaksha Temple of Hampi. I kinda liked the way these mahouts were climbing after she offered them her leg !

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14 thoughts on “Climbing an Elephant

  1. I’m sorry, but I don’t believe elephants should be used as human slaves. it is always cruel. they cannot tame an elephant without cruelty and it starts by taking the babies away from their mama and traumatizing them.

    not alone

    1. Hi Zongrik, as Pheno Menon has rightly mentioned, elephants are integral part of oriental culture. They are respected and yes ‘loved’ a lot. They are ‘pets’ and are much attached to their mahuts/keepers. Just as dogs to owners. Though they have to work, like work dogs… but its nothing sort of a ‘torture’ as it looks like from a distance… Most of them are born domestic and the babies grow up playing with human kids … and are never ever taken away from their mummy.
      And yes, they are sometimes punished in their training years… but tell me, weren’t we all punished, at some point of time, for not preparing our lessons well. But they get their share of titbits (bananas, nuts..) too 🙂

      Wish I could send you a copy of the book called ‘Hari and Other Elephants.’

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