India, land of Colors and Cultures

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busy grey world
a lone dancer
catches my fancy

I have always been attracted to colorful customs and cultures.  The Mardi Gras and other such celebrations have caught the fancy of the world over. Closer home we have these dancers in stilts and horse costumes  who also provide the necessary color to a a dull moment. Their dance called Kuduraiattam (literally translated to horse dance) to catchy beats can make you tap your feet with their movements…..The dance is popular in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. This is just one part of the country. Imagine the riot of colors India can be 🙂

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13 thoughts on “India, land of Colors and Cultures

  1. Oh! I love India for this very reason: Colors, that every thing from art, dance, culture, heritage to our very clothes fill our lives with!

  2. Such wonderful COLOURS, I always imagine India to be a COLOURFUL place,
    I love their CULTURE too to say nothing of the delicious food !

    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.

  3. The English borrowed this custom for their Morris dances, country harvest dances that harked back to traditions of “waking up the gods” of growth in Spring by stomp dancing in the fields. The dancers had small bells sewn into their costumes to increase the volume. One dancer would often don an animal (usually horse or cow) in the manner shown in your lovely picture. Thanks so much for the sweet verse and a nice memory… my daughter “danced the Morris” riding the same type of horse when she was a baby, carried by the dancer…!

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