Soiree at the DesiDeck – New kid on the block

The latest punjabi restopub in town, DesiDeck has quirky interiors for a fun evening with friends. Desi Deck fills up the empty space that Nimmisserie left behind. The launch saw the foodies in town having a grand time and swaying to a live band.

DesiDeck Interiors


Desi Deck Cocktails

The cocktails with their eccentric names (well which cocktail has a boring lame sober name?) was a good companion to thirsty throats. One of the most interesting one was the spring onion cocktail. I for one am not a big fan of spring onions in my food except maybe a sprinkle on fried rice. However adding the spring onion in the cocktail actually enhanced the zing cocktail and made it more potent on the palate. Hey give me spring onion in this form any day and I will not complain…ever !


Desi Deck - Spring Onion Cocktail
Spring Onion Cocktail

Desi Deck - Jaljira Vodka
Jaljira Vodka

Desi Deck - Whiskey Rasam
Whiskey Rasam

Desi Deck -  Dhinchak Kheera
Dhikchak Kheera

Desi Deck - Spiced Captain Morgan Rum
Spiced Captain Morgan Rum

Desi Deck - Ice Gola Cocktail
Ice Gola Cocktail 

















DesiDeck Pubgrub

The food was decent pub grub which goes well with the drinks. The mutton seekh is a must try and was melt in the mouth. The paneer is a decent option for Vegetarians.. For all the chicken eaters, you have the malai chicken tikka (the first batch wasn’t right but it was changed immediately after talking to the chef and was much better). I personally consider it a fowl meat (pun intended). If you have your fill of desi deck there is the double decker on top to continue The only thing I would want to change is the plate that the food is served in.. Does not work for me!!

DesiDeck - Paneer Tikka
Paneer Tikka

Desi Deck - Lamb Seekh Kabab
Lamb Seekh Kabab
Enjoy the glimpses

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