Designs from the Mind

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Abstract designs of the mind

swirling thoughts
designs from the mind
inspired by nature

This was created using a wisp of smoke from an incense stick and put through a rigorous process in Photoshop.If you like it let me know by liking or commenting 🙂

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44 thoughts on “Designs from the Mind

  1. Found you thro da A-Z and I’m glad I did! Beautiful beautiful beautiful. Patent that … or copy right it or something … maybe allow it to be used (even for a fee) but acknowledged as yours. I would love to maybe use it in something that I may write .. and would DEFINITELY say you are the author and how you did it etc were you to give me permission …
    T-shirts … mmmm you could make a fortune …the 1st thing that comes to mind for fast loot though there may be an outlay for good quality material and fault proof printing …

    1. Thanks Susan……..Please feel free to use this in your work and let me know what details you require 🙂

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