Dominos Pizza Burger – Mutation or Evolution?

I was quite curious about this new concept of a pizza burger where the buns themselves are pizzas with a patty in between. I was thinking, ye gods what next??  I am not a big Domino fan frankly.  There was a time they were my favourite but now that I make pizza at home myself and with so many eateries that specializes in much better pizzas, Dominos has become just another “brick” in the wall (in taste as well). Their pizzas no longer excite me as much as it used to.  After several years I went out of my way to try this burger pizza just for the heck of seeing what this thing was.

First glance it looks like an experiment gone wrong and the burger bun got flattened and suddenly grew spots. I took that bite with a lot of trepidation. Still alive !! Woo hoo::.. Now that the drama is over lets get to the experience.

It wasn’t all that bad really.  There is a different kind of charm of eating two pizzas together. I went in for the classic instead of the premium which came with capsicum and paneer. The flavors were balanced well and went well with the cheese package. For me though with the lovely burgers and pizzas you get in other eateries, I would keep burgers and pizza sacrosanct and not botch it up by combining them. So definitely a mutation for me….. I will stick to my own pizzas and burgers thank you.

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I also ordered a chicken calzione.. It was dry and could be a tad more more juicy. Maybe they want people to get thirsty and drink the cola that came free with it.


My rating

Food 2.5/5

Ambience – NA

Service – NA

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4 thoughts on “Dominos Pizza Burger – Mutation or Evolution?

  1. I agree that it seems like a mix gone too far. I can’t say I would actively seek it out even if I knew it was there on the menu 🙂

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