Door Knocker – Day 332

Door Knocker – Day 332

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Knocking on heaven’s door

This is an extremely ancient door knocker in the Dambulla Temple in Sri Lanka… Made of stone with an exquisite  finish, hard to imagine this kind of skill in the present time…

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19 Comments to “Door Knocker – Day 332”

  1. photowannabe says:

    Very impressive door knocker. Great craftmanship.

  2. Roger Green says:

    This is really cool!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. Ms. Burrito says:

    Grand door knocker.

    Dolce & Gabbana

    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  4. wow! very cool door knocker, love it 🙂 Visiting from # 39 of BPC. hope that you can return the visit too.

  5. Shydub says:

    Looks like our door knocker in this 108 years old house. just a tiny resemblance, nice photography btw

    Visiting from 366 BPC


  6. hmtmac says:

    Very hard to believe it is stone not metal. Such beauty and skill from long ago!
    ABC Team

  7. Gattina says:

    Beautiful picture ! I could use a doorknocker like that !
    ABC Wednesday

  8. Momgen says:

    Just cool and interesting…From the challenge.

  9. It’s beautiful! I love old things like that. Look at the detail on that knocker.

  10. great photo! here for bpc.. hope you could return the favor of a visit..

  11. L. Harpster says:

    That is a unique door knocker- it is interesting..

    Visiting for # 39/365 BPC! Hope you can stop by:)

  12. Rcel says:

    Wow! Great shot, as always! 🙂

    BPC 39 visit here!

  13. emzkie says:

    very cool shot!!

    visiting from #39 of BPC! here is my share

  14. gie says:

    wow nice 🙂 visiting!

  15. Andy says:

    The craftsmanship is amazing. Very unique indeed.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Daydreaming Of Yesterday

  16. Mel Cole says:

    oh, looks antique and spooky 🙂 Sharing to you My 39/366 BPC.

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