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 Always save water
Every drop larger than life
Let it not go waste

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  1. photowannabe says:

    Darn nice photo…

    1. pravsphenomenon says:


  2. lesliebc says:


    abcw team

  3. Vaisakh says:

    Nice picture. And a nice message through the haiku.. 🙂

    1. pravsphenomenon says:

      Thnx and yeah this is especially for Bangalore

  4. Roger Green says:

    Water, water everywhere…
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. Jama says:

    A stunning shot!

  6. Lauren says:

    Terrific photo and most important message too.

  7. Nice shot! Water drops always make a good photo opportunity.
    You are very welcome to check out Travel Photo Blogging for a travel idea or two and see a selection of my travel photos.

    1. pravsphenomenon says:

      Thanks Marko

  8. Every drop of water is precious. In my country there are sometimes too many drops. Good macro!
    Wil, ABCW Team

    1. pravsphenomenon says:

      Lucky you

    1. pravsphenomenon says:


  9. Nanka says:

    So precious every drop, this refreshing water,, transparent and with the brilliance of a diamond!!

    1. pravsphenomenon says:

      How true

  10. Jyothi Nair says:

    Nice capture 🙂

    1. pravsphenomenon says:


  11. afshan says:

    This click is jst amazing 🙂 ! not sure if u write lines after clicking or think lines and then click but either way good one

    1. pravsphenomenon says:

      Actually it works both ways Afshan 🙂

  12. pixie says:

    woah!! That’s an amazing pic!! 😀

    1. pravsphenomenon says:


  13. md says:

    Nice one!

  14. Ann says:

    That’s an amazing capture.

    1. pravsphenomenon says:

      Thnx Ann

  15. Angel says:

    This is lovely
    So glad to have you linking with us at our Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop.

    1. pravsphenomenon says:

      Thanks Angel

  16. fantastic shot! Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop my friend xo

    1. pravsphenomenon says:


  17. minoesjka2 says:

    Beautiful shinning in the drop.

    1. pravsphenomenon says:

      Indeed and it makes our life shine too

  18. Roshni says:

    wow!! That’s amazing!

    1. pravsphenomenon says:


  19. Rainbow Hues says:

    That’s a beautiful picture

    1. pravsphenomenon says:

      Thank you

  20. Suzy says:

    Water is truly precious. Nice one for the prompt.

    1. pravsphenomenon says:

      Thnx Suzy

  21. Great macro shot! I can only imagine the patience required for it. I haven’t yet experimented with water shots but you’ve inspired me.

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