Eating out at the Clarks Exotica

The other day I was part of a chef’s table by  Clarks Exotica Convention Resort & Spa at the Ambrosia.  I have heard quite a bit about Clarks Exotica and their luxurious stay. It’s like this self sufficient village where everyone comes to be happy & relax from the hustle and bustle of the city.  What’s the signiificance of this statement?  You will find it in the end.

After a fight through traffic and rain, I finally reached the dining point in Clarks Exotica, an hour hour late than planned. It was one of those days when Murphy’s law was at its strongest… When things are set to go wrong, it will….spectacularly.


The Food

The Chef Table was an interesting blend of flavors. While some of the starters were exquisite, there were others that weren’t quite upto the mark. However with a perfect ambience staying at the resort this is well worth it. The chef though is extremely humble and took our feedback for improvement very positively and this itself shows their willingness to listen and learn. They might have miles to go but the important thing is that they are ready to walk/run.

I would say stick to beer or soda for drinks or just water which had mint leaves for flavor. The cocktails were a tad too sweet for my taste but the kids around loved them.

What a spread it was !! A feast for royalty with the sheer number of food on display. I will only mention some of the things that left a mark on my palate and which could be further improved

Mushroom leek phyllo – a concoction of mushroom, leek, olives and cheese on a puff pastry basket. Light and so flaky it literally came apart when I lifted it. Loved the flavor but messy to eat.

Lamb ribs – nicely done rack but definitely lacked flavors. A longer marination and bolder flavor would take this dish to another level

Chicken tangri – this was among the best of the starters not only for the marination but also for the green chutney accompaniment. It almost felt like there was wasabi in the chutney since every time it hit the tongue, it was electrifying. Definitely a must try for people with non veg leanings

Prawn tempura – standard but the sweet chilli dip provided a good finish. The dip perfectly blended the sweet and heat.

Japanese style tofu – this was a confused dish. Though it said Japanese, there was an Indian tadaka on the tofu. Interesting flavor but definitely not Japanese or anywhere close to even the J. Did it leave a positive mark?  Yes it did

I loved the roasted chicken in Sriracha sauce with their variety of bread roll along with their salads as part of their buffet spread. Thats my plate 🙂 Yeah I love my breads

The desserts also was satisfying to say the least.

The person responsible for pampering me is Chef Suresh Babu. A humble and down to earth professional who took the feedbacks on improving the taste very seriously. It was lovely meeting him and getting to know about the dishes.  Now I come back to the first statement. This menu is exactly what the doctor prescribed if you are staying at this resort. With all the luxury and amenities at your disposal, the food does complete justice. As someone living on the opposite side of the city, will I travel all the way only for having a meal? Ehhhh probably not till the feedbacks and suggestions are implemented.


Enjoy the rest of the glimpses


12 thoughts on “Eating out at the Clarks Exotica

  1. Lots of interesting dishes prepared with a flare. Our town has lots of different style and ethnic restaurants, but eating simple meals at home is more relaxing and enjoyable for me. What it costs to eat out these days I can buy a week’s of groceries. Maybe that cuts down on my enjoyment. – Margy

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