Exploring the beauty of the Ellora Caves

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true skill;
transforming rock
to a work of art

Taken in the caves of Ellora, Maharashtra. This is the first of the caves in Ellora and the biggest of all.  This entire work is supposed to be created from one single monolith !! Oh yeah 36 years back I made an entry to this world 😀

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37 thoughts on “Exploring the beauty of the Ellora Caves

  1. Wow, this is fab! I’m in Maharashtra, and never visited the place! Now, I definitely will! Thanks for sharing, Pheno!

  2. How did they do that?! And, how long did it take them? How many were the? That is just amazing. I must go off and learn more. Thanks for leaving your link at my blog. I would’ve missed your stunning photo. Happy Birthday!

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