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I was delighted to get a second invite from Fairfield after the lovely experience of the Hyderabadi Food Festival.

What attracts right away is the map of karnataka with the districts marked out by their specialties. I thought it was a splendid way to really bring about the food festival theme without a doubt. The model greeting the guests was draped in a traditional sari and looked very pretty.

1 map1.5 model
Bringing the specialities of different districts of Karnataka like Mangalore, Malendu, Kodagu, Udupi and Navayath, Chef Thirumal has out done himself in executing this to perfection.  A lot of thought has gone behind the decor and ambience to bring in the feel of the various places and to make you feel at home. The music could soothe a savage breast and if that doesn’t the food will!!

There was a nook for the local spices from Coorg which caught my eye instantly. What can I say, I am a spicy sort of guy 😀

2 spice1 3 spice2 4 spice3 5 pepper1 6 cloves 7 bedgi chilly

I had quite a tete a tete  with Chef Aniketh and Chef Thirumal who is the head chef and his idea (and also which reflects mine..great mind think alike eh??) was to bring comfort food to the guests. No matter how much fusion and food porn you are served you still go back to comfort food such as daal chawal, roti daal, anna saru (rice and gravy) or curd rice. This is comfort food at its best with the best of Karnataka coming together to give a phenomenal experience.

16 Chefs
After the round of snaps (it’s not a blogger meet if you don’t take snaps or atleast pretend to 🙂 ) we were given our seat which was laid with a fancy looking banana leaf themed menu card which listed the items we would be served the oota (traditional meal)

13 menu

Please note  the festival is for dinner only and has a cyclical menu that changes daily till the last day on 3 September, 2016.

As dictated by tradition, the meal would be served on banana leaf. To enjoy the experience better Aniketh also insisted that no fork/spoon/knife would be offered. It would have to eaten by hand to savor the food. A refreshing cool spiced buttermilk was served first which started off the trip our taste buds were would take. Did you know that eating on Banana leaf is good for health? Apparently when the food comes in contact with the banana leaf some positive reactions happens and partaking this  heals the body.

14 buttermilk handler15 buttermilkThe food we had consisted of  (err please close your mouth at the end of this list) and will mention the interesting things about their inclusion in the menu
A pinch of salt – Salt is served first since its a belief that once you partake of the salt in any household you will not betray or cheat them.  🙂
Kosambari – A kind of salad with lentils and salad veggies.  Loved the freshness and balance of flavors
The rest included plain rice, tamarind rice, soppu tove (lentil gravy with greens), beans (runny beans) fry,  raw banana fry, mutton masala, fish curry, madhur vada,  rasam, neer dosa, mysore bonda with chutney. mysore pak and obattu. This was the menu on 23rd.  17 oota complete 18 oota complete 2 12 vada 11.5 mysore bonda 11 dish1

The mutton masala comination with the tamarind rice was simply delicious. The soppu tove went well with plain rice. The raw banana and beans was subtly made and provided the nutitional component of this complete meal. The fish curry and mutton curry married beautifully with the neer dosa.

The varieties of chutney and chutney powders was also mind blowing. Try rice, ghee and the chutney powder and you will thank me eternally for it…  10.5 masalas 10 tomato chutney 9 powders 8.5 gun powder2 8 gun powder

There is also a live counter for filter coffee and snacks. With savoury and sweet goodies and Chef Thirumal brewing up a perfect filter kaapi it was  a perfect end to this Karnataka affair

18.7 savoury3 18.5 diamond savoury 18.6 savoury2 19 coffee1 20 coffee2 21 coffee3 22 coffee4

This is a fitting tribute to namma ooru  and takes the guest on a trip guided by the sights, aromas and flavors.

The festival is on till 3 Sep, 2016 and is available for dinner only. Per head cost for adults is Rs.1000/- plus taxes and children Rs.500/- plus taxes.

My rating

Food – 4/5

Service since it was an invite was impeccable

Ambience 4.5/5

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