Food and Fun beckons – ITC Food bloggers meet #QualityITCFoods

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Was invited to the food bloggers meet on 10 Dec organized by the ITC packaged foods group. We were greeted with rows and rows of food food food. It was a glorious sight indeed. After all the stuffing the session started

It was a good interaction with the ITC team explaining the premise behind their marketing and their strategy. The most interesting was the concept behind the Yippee noodles and why the shape of the noodles is round and not square like its competitors, the devastation during the Maggi ban and how ITC was impacted. V L Rajesh and Kavitha Chaturvedi were brilliant during this whole event.

ITC Food Bloggers
ITC Food Bloggers

Well it wasn’t all technical and formal and only about ITC. Chef Kamlesh Joshi showed some a fun way to make Khao Suey, a thai soup with the yippee noodles.

kamlesh joshi

This was followed by a cook-off competition between teams of bloggers and ahem we came the third among 8-9 teams !! We made some chatpata yippee pasta with papdi topping !!The judges were happy with the result too. That’s me holding the plate by the way

The Three Chef Judges – Prashant Joseph, Yogesh Dutta, Kamlesh Joshi

After all that and in a high I tried the same thing at home and the result was great. I of course paired it with some succulent grilled mutton ribs:D

khao suey and mutton ribs


For the mutton ribs I made a marinade of my own spice mix, cayenne pepper, aromatic olive oil (olive oil fried with garlic and herbs) , ginger/garlic paste and lemon zest. Mix it well and let it remain overnight in the fridge. Bring it out and let it reach room temperature. Fry it in a saucepan to get a nice finish on the top and then put it in the oven at around 200 Deg C for 15-20 mins and it’s done

Well all’s well that end’s well aint it so foretold?? 😀

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