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Drunklings is a classy place for friends, family and even corporate meet ups. It has three floors to suit all the needs with the third floor having a small space for dancing.

The ambience is perfect with a good mix of light and shadows and its different in all three floors. The music is right for the occasion and not a sensory overload.

We had a variety of cocktails made by the master himself, Dominc Savio. They aere beautifully balanced in flavor and alcohol. My favourites were pop my cherry with rosemary infused whiskey and the aam panna with vodka.

Drunklings is popular for their pork dishes and the must try for pork lovers will be the chilli roast pork with a good hit of pepper. The stuffed mushroom was also good but could be better with a hit of citrus.

Sizzlers are their USP and you have a lovely variety to choose from. I went in for the lamb fillet with Mexican sauce and I was literally blown away by the flavor. Beautifully cooked lamb with the sauce that can take you to heaven and back. Its a good sized portion so dont go overboard with starters and end up with this. You will not finifh it !! A good idea would be to have agroup so everything can be shared without wasting. The lamb fillet comes with either rice or noodles and you have an opton of skipping the noodles and rice and going only for the blanched vegetables and potato mash. The vegetables was a wonder as it was still crisp and fresh. Overboiled mushy vgetables is something I abhor.

They do have sizzling brownie but after all the food, end it with a caramel custard. Trust me it’s light on the tummy. I found it a bit too sweet but hey I am not a sweet person (take that any which way you want )

Go there and have a great time.. It’s one place where the drinks and food perfectly match each other. Enjoy the glimpses



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