Fragile Lives – Existence for Bliss

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Many things come into our lives and changes the way we look at things. It can leave us more knowledgeable, happy, shattered or many other experiences I will not get into.

I don’t have a habit of being too preachy or philosophical either so lets cut to the bone lest you mistake me (or actually get impressed) with my monky attitude

My last two posts for this @BarAThon has been about food and this is also about food. I reason why I get into philosophical moods or pretend to is because it makes my food taste better (yeah for real) or it makes me cook better.

There are many food items that are fragile. Meaning it just doesn’t long enough on the plate, not even for a photograph. From simple tea and biscuits to street side fries and chats, they are all fragile.  I call these blessed foods as they come into our life to create bliss.

You walked right into this one didn’t you??    🙂

Oh the philosophical mood  created these by the way.

A cheesecake made from scratch with oreo base and a deconstructed Tiramisu with amarulla, rum, kahlua and brandy…

Deconstructed Tiramisu
Deconstructed Tiramisu

I wish to live my life like these desserts. Fill someone’s life with Bliess


This forms Day#3 of the #BarAThon

Day 1 – Stranger than Fiction

Day 2 – What you don’t know

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  1. Shilpa Gupte says:

    You ought to begin a food blog, you know? 🙂
    That cheese cake looks to-die-for! Yummy!

    1. pravsphenomenon says:

      This IS a food blog if you have seen the main navigation 🙂

  2. pythoroshan says:

    hahaha 🙂
    My bet is you will be unique by the end of tomorrow as the only one who had the brains to choose this as your inspiration for a relatively sad theme of fragile lives 🙂

    1. pravsphenomenon says:

      🙂 u cant feel depressed when there is food (or can make it if it’s not there) 🙂

  3. lesliebc says:

    Either one of those desserts (or preferably both) better be on my plate when I get there! LOL They look absolutely DELICIOUS!

    abcw team

  4. photowannabe says:

    Delightful Dessert….

  5. Melody62 says:

    a desert I mostly skip.. .but on a tiramisu i very rarely pass

    Have a nice ABC-W-Day / – week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc-w-team)

  6. Love your desserts, – they all look delicious. I have never felt a meal was coplete without a sweet at the end….

  7. Roger Green says:

    Food looks so good


  8. the little princess says:

    yum yum yum! I can put on 5 kilos just by looking at these!! Not that it would stop me hogging though! 🙂

    Shubhangi @ The Little Princess

  9. Hahaha Amazing post! 🙂 I want that cheesecake..craving for it 🙂

  10. nabanita says:

    What I wouldn’t do to have some of it now!

  11. Rajlakshmi says:

    cheesecake!! cheesecake… they are the best anti depressant 😛 I could barely scroll past that image.

  12. shanayatales says:

    This is the first foodie take on the prompt (that I read). Interesting interpretation. Though now all I can think of is cheesecake! 😛

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