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There is a new screen in town, its’ awesome and it’s at the Gadang Sports bar in Park Plaza. With the Copa in full flow, Eurocup seems to have taken a backseat. This place offers the chance to see the Eurocup  in big screen glory. The ambiance is fun, comfortable and sporty. We gathered at this place as part of the 34th Food Bloggers Association of Bangalore(FBAB) meetup and were invited for trying out their facilities and  specially curated menu


For those in the group who are stuck with the football fanatics (yeah it happens) bit have no interest in the sport, there is foos ball, darts and 8 ball pool available to spend a fun evening.

You can make your selection from the jukebox. During the happy hours its buy one get one free (music to the ears no?)


Now comes to the best part.. The theme currently running is the Beatles and all of the drinks are named after their song !! How cool is that?!  Here are the list of drinks we had


Ob-la-di – One of my favourites, the flavor of the curry leaves shones through giving a very interesting taste to the drink.


Revolution9 – My favourite with the latter winning the final prize – My absolute respect…  The taste of the infused peppercorn hits you right away with a beautiful lingering aftertaste. It gets a little bitter at the end so don’t finish it completely

peppercorn infused vodka

Yellow Submarine – Unfortunately the lime flavor overwhelmed the cocktail destroying my tastebuds. It was too tangy. I have suggested to bring down the flavor of the lime and add a little sweet syrup to balance it out. Hopefully they listen


Ticket to Ride – Gin with hazelnut. It can really take you on a ride. The ladies in our group liked it but I found it too sweet for my taste with the cloying oily aftertaste of hazelnut.


Hey Bulldog – A cocktail with the flavor of lager all the way. The rum, ginger and lime struggles feebly to rise above the lager but fails and drowns out completely


Across the Universe – I liked this mix and it was refreshing

Day tripper – With a good flavor of coconut milk, the rum came through strong. I liked the taste of this as well. The bitter rum contrasted well with the delicate milk.

Now coming to the good part. The starters !!! These are curated specially for the occasion and is certainly not to be missed. A balance of both veg and non veg dishes


Panko stuffed Fish chili stuffed with Jalapeno mince lamb with cheddar cheese – An absolute delight, the lamb was delicately spiced with the cheddar providing the balance to the jalapeno. This is  a rocking dish

Spinach and tri cheese empaladas with guacamole –  This had cheddar, Gruyere and Chambert oozing out with the first bite with a lovly flavor of spinach. A lovely dish that could take the focus away from the big screen.


Chicken wrap dumplings served with sichuan mayo – An interesting chicken dumpling wrapped with fried noodles for crunch


Prawns wrapped in sugar cane sticks – The flavors of galingale and lime leaf is evident with the first bite and  munching on the sugar cane stick provides the relief from the peanut bird eye chili sauce.

Assorted non veg sushi platter – For the sushi fans this was sushi at its best


Veg Sushi – Very interesting texture and flavor but bottom-line its not sea food 🙂


Onion and chilli stuffed Panniyaram sprinkled with chutney powder – It was soft, it was spicy and it as everything right. A must for the vegetarians


Mushrooms and waterchest nuts wontons with Teriyali mayo – The flavor of the mushroom hitting your senses with a flourish, these wantons are a revelation.


I definitely recommend this place for a good time but careful of the cocktails. All may not be upto the mark but the food is impeccable


Food 4.5/5

Drinks – 3.5/5

Ambiance 4.5/5

Service – 4/5 (observing the other tables.  I was treated like royalty as it was an invite 🙂

I will not be covering the dinner spread at their Melange but it was exquisite with cold cuts and cheese platters and decadent desserts. Enjoy the visuals in the slideshow below

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