Gastronomic Experiences – Review of Paradise Electronic City

The 32nd ‪#‎FBAB‬ Food Bloggers Association, Bangalore – FBAB meetup was a fabulous meet up in one of the places whose name is taken in the same breath as Biryani – Paradise…Opened new in E city, this is one place that needs to see some new places come up. It was a food extravaganza where it just kept coming and coming.

We started with a paneer dish followed by chicken 65 which was absolute delight. It was spicy to make you long for more but and enough to let you enjoy the  heat.  The apollo fish was excellent with a smooth texture and spicy overtones. We then had some veg and non veg platter filled with succulent kababs.  The chicken tikka and the haryali kabab that followed was exquisite in  its use of spice and taste.

non veg platter paneer starter chicken tikka chicken 65 Apollo Fish Veg Manchurian

Finally the one that Paradise is famous for..BIRYANI!!!

I personally like mutton compared to chicken and this was beautifully cooked in the traditional dum way. The cooking is done in such a way that everyone gets to enjoy it. Meaning, if you dont like too much spice the top part of the biryani is right for you and for someone who has spice written all over (like me :D) prefer the bottom part of the biryani that has all of the spices of the mutton gravy.

Mutton Biryani  Chicken supreme biryani


Last came the veg korma which was average. Nothing really special to say about its texture or taste.Their liberal use of cream made it more bland.

Veg korma

The dessert was another class. I liked the Double ka meetha which was absolutely perfectly balanced in terms of sweetness. The qubani ka meetha was very sweet but thankfully had some sourness to cut through it. Carrot halwa was average.The Falooda at the end was refreshing but after all that food at the end I will think twice next time.

carrot halwa gubani

The restaurant is spacious and I could see the waiting line for getting tables. Mindblowing. With not too many good places in E city this will be a breath of Biryani aroma 🙂


Leaving you with what we do when food arrives. Bloggers from my group 😉

foodie photo

Good food good people good meat err meet

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