Go Balle Balle with Exquisite Dhaba Punjabi Food – Gurwinder Singh Dhaba

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We stopped stop at a Punjabi Dhaba on the way from Bangalore to Chennai 500 mts after the walajahpet toll. The name Gurwindar Singh is a hook enough but seeing it run by a true blood sardar was enough for me to stop over.

My better half wanted to try butter chicken. I almost never eat chicken out side of home unless I prepare it myself or if I am ure of its quality. This time however boy I am glad I tried it. Exquisitely made with mild spices, it was love at every scoop with the tandoori roti.

The daal on the other hand was exactly how I requested. Hot!!!

The lassi was another winner altogether. Unlike the watered down disasters you get in other so called dhabas, this was spot on. Thick and creamy with a topping of nuts and rice crisp. A lovely end to a hearty lunch.

Three tandoori roti, one butter chicken, one daal, two butter naan and two lassi for Rs. 320. A real Steal !!

All of this in ideal dhaba conditions of sitting on a khatiya with a wooden plank as a table

Forgive me for the resolution. It was all taken with my lenovo k3 note under extreme hunger conditions 🙂


2 thoughts on “Go Balle Balle with Exquisite Dhaba Punjabi Food – Gurwinder Singh Dhaba

  1. Oh how I miss eating in the Punjabi dhabas. This post made me so hungry! Got to add ‘visit a dhaba’ on my India visit itinerary. 😀

  2. I love Punjabi Dhabas, the tandoori roti was introduced to me from one of those. During my All India Tour, in college, I remember trying my debut spoken Hindi to get anda burji and aloo paranthas

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