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Spent an interesting session (atleast for my better half)  on a walk for breastfeeding awareness.  There were other husbands too so was not the only fish out of water.  Why the walk was interesting for me is I got to indulge in photography (though taking humans is the last resort) and nibbling street food, While the wifey was walking with her group, I was nibbling on peanuts, savouries and sweets !!

The next stage was even more fin walking into Blossoms for buying books. I had a voucher for 2000 bucks so yes we went a little bonkers. I bought books by Neil Gaiman. Love them

The third stage is my most favourite.. Eating!! and this is what I will be covering here…  Had heard about Kylie’s – The Bao Shop for quite some time and was due for a visit. This was the perfect occasion to visit it. Located on Church Street opposite Empire Hotel along with a few other stalls. It’s a small cosy place to eat and looks nice.

Since the kid was cranky we decided to parcel.  My better half went for the apollo fish while I was tempted between the Char Siu and the goan chorizo but the chorizo won at the end since I was not in the mood for anything remotely sweet.


The cab was taking awhile to reach so we decided to open the apollo fish bao right there.   It had good flavor with fresh ingredients . My wife being a seafood fanatic fell in love with it.

I saw some interesting Veg options too and my next on the list for trying. My eye is on one called Ginger and Soya tossed spring vegetables and another is Ratatouille for the next visit.

I liked the packaging as well that fits exactly two bao


The chorizo was packed and taken home where I heated it again in the MW.   This was a real kicker and  I am glad I ordered it.  The chorizo bao was packed with flavor and the chorizo brought back memories of my adventures in Goa. I fell hard for it and was mentally kicking myself on  my buying only one of each. Next time I am gonna have two or more!!

The person at the counter was very friendly and helpful….. The Apollo Fish Bao is Rs.160 and the Goan Chorizo Bao (as well as the  Char Siu) is Rs. 190. Two portions of bao per order


Service – 4/5 (customer interaction )

Food and value for money – 4.5/5

Ambience –  3.5/5 (sat for  a very less time but it was comfortable)

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