Gourmet Meal on Ordinary pocket – Review of Eatfresh

I start with the disclaimer that I was asked to review the dishes in Eatfresh but they did not know what I ordered and who ordered it either. Hence this is not a review after any special treatments or known delivery.  They did not even deliver to my area so I gave a nearby location and picked it up myself. So everything has been anonymous so far 🙂

Starting with the ordering experience. If first asks you for the area and it it does not deliver the whole thing ends there with a message they will shortly think about it 🙂 So I gave the nearest location. My postive experiences ordering from here…

  1. It is a changing menu and not the same thing everyday
  2. A good appetizing picture  ith the chef name is listed
  3. Information and nutritional value of the food is given when the mouse is hovered on the picture. This I think is a very useful and important feature that all food service providers should include
  4. The packing is beautiful and very practical

Teriyaki grilled chicken Teriyaki grilled chicken_nutrition

Now coming to the food. These were the stuff I ordered and my experience

1.Stir fried Vegetables with Thai Chilli Basil Sauce with paneer rice(Rs. 190)

The sauce was impeccable with the chilli flavors coming through nicely but still gentle on the tongue. The rice was very flavorful and made a good combo with the sauce. I enjoyed every spoonful.

Stir fried Vegetables with Thai Chilli Basil Sauce with fried rice1 Stir fried Vegetables with Thai Chilli Basil Sauce with fried rice2

2. Teriyaki grilled chicken (Rs.220/-)

I fell in love with this dish and the layers of flavor subtly hitting your senses one by one. Served the kimchi which is one of my favourites it made my day. I love the spiced tangy chinese cabbage alongside my main food

Teriyaki grilled chicken1 Teriyaki grilled chicken2

3. Chicken confit with corn rice and marinara sauce (Rs.210/-)

With the flavor of the dried herbs, the chicken was well cooked and made a beautiful combination with the marinara sauce. Again I loved this dish for its simple presentation but layers of flavors and the effort that has gone to bring out this taste. Rice was average

chicken confit with corn rice and marinara sauce1

chicken confit with corn rice and marinara sauce2

4. Chicken caeser salad (Rs.150/-)

The caeser salad was packed well, colorful and pleasing to the eye.  They were not stingy on the feta and with the sour sauce it was a good finish to the heavy food consumed above. It was light. I also added a dash of vinegar and bhut jalokia (sorry chef) to this and for me it went to a beautiful new level.

caeser salad1 caeser salad2

5. Passionfruit cheesecake(Rs.120/-)

This was a revelation.With the tanginess of passionfruit cutting through the sweetness of the cheesecake it was a contrast that was an adventure on the palate. Passion fruit in my opinion is not for the fainthearted and not many might like its cutting sourness. However try this and prepare to be surprised.

passionfruit cheesecake

5. Apple and cinnamon fluff(Rs. 120/-)

It had a good hint of cinnamon is all the credit I can give to this one. Apart from that a regular fare

apple and cinnamon fluff

For the price these dishes are availaable I would say, it’s a deal.

My Rating

Food – 4/5

Packaging – 5/5

Delivery time – 5/5

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4 thoughts on “Gourmet Meal on Ordinary pocket – Review of Eatfresh

  1. Thank you so much Praveen for such a lovely review – really means a lot to us. We promise to maintain the quality and service to delight you and your friends/family always. It has always been our sheer pleasure to serve customers like you. Do come back for more such lip smacking delicacies. 🙂

  2. Superb review and loved the pics too 🙂 Do they deliver to Adelaide 😉 Next visit if I remember I will definitely try them out and going to share this post in a Foodies group that I haunt 🙂

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