Gymnema sylvestre

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I came across this packet in Kuttralam on my way back to Bangalore from Kollam.. Since it was a boys trip there was no way we could have given this a miss with all those awesome massages and the chance to stand under the waterfall. . When we reached the place as usual a vendor comes peddling his products to us. We were on the verge of sending him away when he told us about this leaf he was having. He made us eat the dry leaf which was extremely bitter.  He then went ahead and proclaimed that we will not be able to eat anything sweet for 3 hrs. After that he gave us sugar which tasted like saw dust.  We were skeptical and tried more sweet stuff but then found it was true. The leaf had suppressed the sweet part of our taste buds. We were able to taste all other things except the taste of sweet. I then came back home and did more research on the stuff.   Called Gymnema sylvestre or ChakaraKolli in Malayalam literally meaning sugar destroyer, used in the treatment of diabetes, this works as an insulin supplement and has no side effects. For more info check Wikipedia page

Written for the A to Z 2014 Challenge for G .  Also part of April UBC and ABC Wednesday with M for Magical Nature. For more memes click here


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47 thoughts on “Gymnema sylvestre

    1. well I told this to my fam and the first thing they did was fire me for eating something unknown but yeah thats me 🙂

  1. Have never heard about this… Intriguing … Wow, how strange to eat sugar and then it tastes like saw dust ..:-) learning something new every day:-) 🙂

    1. Oh I have another solution for that as well. I used to have type 2 diabetes. After I started drinking water boiled with a root called ekanayagam and when I went for the H1ac test (the 3 month average) I found I was out of the diabetes group and range 🙂

    1. You might try searching for the Gymnema sylvestre tablets maybe and keep your fingers crossed

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