Hello There – Greetings from the stick people

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does your nose
still remember
the scent of childhood?

No these are not the scary legend of the stick people. They are harmless and quite a lot of fun to be with actually. Yeah the people on stilts :).  Dont let their cumbersome walk fool you, they can run quite fast as demonstrated when we played catch me if you can (hmm maybe I was slow now that I think about it) and now imagine them them play soccer :D.

8 thoughts on “Hello There – Greetings from the stick people

  1. Hahah – they remind of my childhood summers. The grandfather of my friend actually made stilts for us all – so fun, and great practice to stay balanced in life:-) !!!

  2. a lovely choice for this weeks entry… and yes i do rembember, always wanted to try this out but never dared to…

    Have a nice weekend
    Melody (abc-w-team)

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