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When a senior member and porkie summons for a meat-up, you only refuse at your own peril ! The peril being missing out on splendid food of course.  The venue of choice for this meetup of the Bangalore Pork Lovers Club was Siam Trading Company, part of the Holy Cow Hospitality which also has Plan B, another popular joint.

Siam Trading Company is a rebranding of One Night in Bangkok and is a hugely popular night spot with the young and trendy crowd.  We had a special place reserved for our treat for the afternoon .  The 4 course lunch was specially curated by Chef Tashwin Muckatira that look us on a culinary extravaganza.

After the meet and greet and phenomenal cocktails, we sat down for the feast….. Some of the drinks I had


Starting with a beer I had also had these drinks

Chilli Pataya Cocktail – A beautifully presented cocktail that had hints of bird eye chilli. Too  feminine a drink is a myth. This could shake any man

Whiskey Plum Sour – The old fashioned sour given a plum twist, this had a lovely flavor of the plum sauce and made a good drink

Hot Toddy – The regular hot toddy made well by the mixologist. Not everyone can make it taste good.


Come Let’s  Eat!!


Pork Rib and Bamboo Shoot – Beautifuly flavoured soup rightly spiced and chunks of pork rib and bamboo shoots made this a perfect beginning and set the palate salivating for the other dishes to come.


Grilled Pork with spicy lime sauce – Perfect essence of Thai, this was one drool worthy appetizer. Sliced pork neck  grilled ovr a charcoal flame and topped with a spicy and sour sauce. There’s something about the combination of sour and chilli that hits my sweet spot !


Isaan Pork Sausage – Lovely flavor of the  homemade fermented sausage with birds eye chilli sauce that upped the spice levels and our excitement. A specialty from the north eastern Thai province. The chilli sauce itself was brilliant and I had a generous amount of it additionally

In between as a chiller and a reprieve from the heat we got melon pieces that cooled down the palate.

Thai Pork Spare ribs – Beautifully cooked ribs with a spicy Thai glaze. Another dish that is close to my heart (and tongue)

Pork Pearl Balls – Ground pork with herbs and covered with rice, a lovely mix of earthy favors

Pork with snake beans – Spicy pork belly with snake beans and green peppercorn. I did manage to eat everything except the snake beans (I abhor them and no skilful prep will ever convince me to eat them !!)

Fried Sour pork – Another brilliant dish, the pork was fermented over three days in rice to give them a naturally sour taste. Stir fried with garlic and whole red chillies, it is a must try and a specialty.

In between we were served a cold soup kind of thing made with coconut water and birds eye chilli all this in a chai glass!!


Dry noodles with Pork and Prawns – Noodles served with BBQ pork, salted pork belly, prawns, mushroom and greens. We were already quite stuffed with the starters but this one went in quite smoothly. Heat levels were lower compared to the starters but a flavorful one all the same.  I am also not much of a main course person and usually stick to the starters.

Pork Belly Rice – Fried rice topped with slow cooked pork belly, mush room and  half of  a perfectly boiled egg!! Earthy flavors and  minimum heat levels. For those with lower tolerance this is a good dish.

Coconut icecream with salted caramel and bacon – Any dish that has bacon automatically becomes a must eat for me even if it’s a dessert !! A lovely ending to the pork dream lunch.

If you are interested to be part of this look for Bengaluru Pork Lovers club on Facebook


Food – 4/5

Ambience 4/5

Service 4/5

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  1. Wow! I’m drooling despite the fact that you haven’t posted a single picture of all the amazing stuff you have described here. Chilli Pattaya cocktail, the pork rib soup, and the coconut dessert sound interesting!

      • Oops, how could I miss it! My bad. Would you believe it if I say that your words actually grabbed my attention and I just missed the pictures? Saw them now. Awesome shots!


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