Hot off the stove

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hot off the stove
filling the soul
comfort food

Called just egg rolls in Kolkata, it can be found in any street corner and is one of the best things I have lived on. The more variety of fillings the more complex it can be made. This one I made at home has eggs, mustard sauce, chilly sauce, raw onions, green chillies, black salt, sausages and some nachos for that crisp in every bite 🙂

For the veggies potatoes and cottage cheese filling works very well tossed with some spicy habenero sauce… slurrrpppppppppp !

Written for the A to Z 2014 Challenge for H.  Also part of April UBC and ABC Wednesday with M for Magical Nature. For more memes click here


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37 thoughts on “Hot off the stove

  1. Ah! I looked at the plate, I was mesmerised with the beauty of food… I thought of grabbing a bite but ….I read it is egg-roll (Heart-broken) I don’t consume eggs!! But then it had a happy ending :p (you know what I mean) :))

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