Phenomenal Actors and Food – Howard Johnson

Phenomenal World was part of a special party hosted by Howard Johnson Bangalore after the play  “Walk In The Woods”.  Starring the Shah of acting Naseeruddin Shah and my favourite childhood detective Byomkesh Bakshi aka Rajit Kapur.  I did not go for the play but the party was a phenomenal soiree of food and drinks. HoJo went all out in putting up a spread for the king.

Nasseruddin Shah is one of the most brilliant actors we have in the hindi film industry (I wil not insult him or Rajit by calling it bollywood).  My all time favourite movie of his is Jaane Bhi DO Yaaron which is one of the best satires ever produced.. Period…   He has done amazing roles in Aarish with Smitha Patil and his role in Sarfarosh is memorable.

Rajit Kapoor is forever etched in my mind as Byonmesh Bakshi, the Indian Sherlock Holmes. Written by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay, he even has a Watson !!. Their adventures which were telecast in Doordarshan, was my favourite with each and every serial gripping till the end.


Phenomenal World - Naseeruddin Shah
With Naseeruddin Shah (Photo by Nameesh (fodyssey)

Phenomenal World - Rajit Kapoor
With Rajit Kapoor (Byomkesh Bakshi)

We had some very special and selected people as part of the event and it was quite humbling to be surrounded by them.

The Phenomenal Spread !!

As mentioned it was a spread to remember both in terms of taste and presentation.  My favourites

    1. DIY hummus and salsa
    2. Chicken satay
    3. Crab cooked and served in their shell
    4. Different salads. Loved the shrimp cocktail
    5. Appam and mutton stew
    6. The dal makhni was exquisite
    7. The kulfi shavings from the giant roller was fun to watch and lovely to eat

Enjoy the rest of the glimpses

It was a brilliant evening with phenomenal people and phenomenal food. Organized without a hitch by the Hojo team, here’s a toast to them and looking forward to more such events


With the Celebrities


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