Golden Treats – Day 365

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Jalebi is a very common and popular sweet in India.  The batter (made with all purpose flour) is put into boiling oil using either a cloth or butter paper (almost similar to putting an icing on a cake ). The shape is usually a spiral but it is upto the maker to get creative. Once fried, these are immersed in concentrated sugar syrup which imparts the sweetness… You also have its variant called Imarti which is similar but made differs in the material (gram flour is used instead of all purpose flour). The sweet and its variants ranges from yellow to orange in color depending on the place and the maker. Whatever the case, its absolute ecstasy to eat a properly made Jalebi with just the right amount of sweetness and a little hint of tanginess.. Slurrrrpppppp

Oh by the way I recently changed the template of my blog. Let me know how it is and another good news !!!This folks marks the completion of my project 365. Whooo hoooo!!!!!!!!!!.. Time for a treat maybe??? 😉

However, I am so hooked to it I might just continue.. Lets see how well it goes…..Click for more entries on Mellow Yellow Monday, Macro Monday


10 thoughts on “Golden Treats – Day 365

  1. Yummy it is. I do not generally appreciate much sweetness but I am a big fan of Jalebi, though don’t like imarti that much. You should continue though, if not one-post-every-day then one-post-a-week is okay too. 🙂 Congrats on completion your project. 🙂

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You completed the 365 days!
    So… can now demand my legitamate claim on the jalebis!! Real ones of course! 🙂

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